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"Our company has grown considerably since our founding in 1976, yet our philosophy remains the same. Environmetrics, Inc., builds, remodels and constructs homes, home additions and commercial projects that are distinctly the result of caring owners who appreciate the differences that quality and innovation can make to our living environments.

Of the hundreds of projects that we’ve completed throughout Greater Cincinnati, no two are alike. We work closely with you, our client, to make certain that your individuality and uniqueness become a part of your project.

Whether you are planning a functional new kitchen, a luxurious bath or perhaps adding spacious new living or guest areas, we will make certain that your remodeling or construction will become a praiseworthy addition. Our experienced architects will interpret your desires and work closely with you to design spaces that are different, yet attractive and affordable.

If you already have plans or drawings, we will review them and make any recommendations well before work begins. Once underway, you’ll find the Environmetrics, Inc. craftsmen, under the direction of your project manager, to be courteous and efficient as they build your dreams.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We are pleased to take part in creating your new environment.”

Sincerely, Thomas D. Arnold

The people to choose when you want to create the best space for living.

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