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Environmetrics, Inc, Cincinnati, OH
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-These completed projects offer a snapshot view of our commitment to provide the highest quality remodeling, architectural and general construction services in the Cincinnati area.

-We often employ “Design and Build” remodeling techniques. We start by helping you design your project and then assemble a team of sub-contractors to build it. The architects and construction managers in our office work together and with our sub-contractors to see a project through from the first design sketch to the final construction inspection. This type of remodeling process allows for clear communication between client, architect and builder, and also allows for design adjustments to be discussed and performed in a timely manner.

-Design and Build operations do act independently, if you require only part of our remodeling services. We will be happy to provide architectural services if you already have a general contractor, or we can provide general contracting services if you already have a designer.

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